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Roshana Industrial Lighting

The growing trend towards beautiful living and working environment has required the design and production of a variety of lighting lamps.
With various units including design, molding, plastic injection, welding, rinsing, electrostatic powder paint lines, assembling, sales engineering and domestic and foreign commerce, and its experienced managers and personnel, we are trying to develop the quality and quantity of our products. . Rosna Light Industries Co., believing that its customers are the most valuable capital of this company, has always been in the process of increasing its satisfaction. In this regard, the production of quality products is one of the main goals of this company. In order to achieve this goal, the company During this time, it has been possible to take effective steps in the production, innovation and design of new and diverse models in accordance with the standards of the authoritative, using the high quality materials. The company has been able to take an effective and effective step in the field of lighting industry by utilizing the techniques and expertise of domestic engineers and effective communication with its affiliated companies, and has been able to benefit from new techniques and methods of managing and applying strategies It is necessary to introduce a wide variety of products in different sectors of production and use of creative and promising designers. The scope of this industrial unit is based on the construction of a variety of street lights, parks, flats, reflexes, industrial and workshops, each section being individually diversified, and in recent years it has been active in the field of manufacturing types LED products, SMD and COB.

Management Speech

Do not be tired and greedy to serve you magnanimous

With over a decade of experience, the company has started its activities in a space of over 12,000 square meters. From the outset, we have been trying to increase the quality and production of various products, and we have always tried to support and respect you respectable consumers. Your satisfaction with your loved ones has produced a diverse and high quality product and has been based on three principles of elegant design, reasonable price and timely delivery, and believing that your point of view will help our customers to better serve you. Your loved ones will help you to complete the survey on this company's site. In the end, thanks to your choice, we wish to be able to offer you a quality product and a decent service to your choice.


Founders and managers of Lighting Lighting Co., has been backed by years of experience in the design and manufacture of lighting products in the field of producing lamps and base of park and street lights and its activities in an area of ​​12000 meters Square (in the production complex of Mashhad Steel Steel). The founders of this set of products have always tried to meet the satisfaction level and meet all the needs of consumers by installing and installing modern machinery and utilizing experienced and experienced specialists in the field of producing a variety of modern products in the lighting industry. An effective step in To advance this goal.